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4 seasonal retreats a year

Explore different ways of creating easy, delicious meals that nourish and nurture

be inspired by  healthy, fun & fresh ideas to feed yourself and your family !

Learn the alchemy of mindful food preparation, create simple high vibration nutritious vegetarian meals.


Home to the Heart Retreat

5 night adventure experience

June 2024

Shared experience in community with community

Join us on a journey, Home to the Heart  

There is an invisible yet tangible pull from the central desert that lures you into its silence. It’s a privilege to visit this land and immerse in its history. Much of it is rich and divine, full of colour, life force and magic. More of its recent history a tragic tale of great loss and suffering.

But in that story, hope remains.

Visiting should be held so gently in your heart - it leaves an everlasting impression of awe, wonder and stillness. In its presence, you feel the interconnectedness of your own nature to the ancient wisdom of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park.

It invites you into a practice of self-discovery and asks you to genuinely see and feel where and how you co-exist with in, and because of it.

This co-created journey to Uluru and Kata Tjuta is an intimate and explorative 5-night experience to the heart of our nation.

Rebirthing Breathwork and self inquiry practices such as guided meditation, cold water immersion and yoga will be an integral component of the experience, interwoven between moments of exploration, fun and adventure.


Creative Breathwork Retreat
February 9th to 16th


Embark on a lifechanging journey...

Transform your life and others' through the power of Creative Breathwork.

Creative Breathwork retreats are for those wanting to understand and finally heal lineage patterns and traumas that have been keeping you trapped in one perspective and way of living for life times.

Learn to work with the breath to heal yourself as well as for those who want to train as a professional Breathwork facilitators, the level 1 retreat is a prerequisite for facilitator training.


All of us who have experienced a modern birth and whose parents, through no fault of their own, were unconscious and traumatised, will be living with profound trauma and will not know who they really are. You will learn about:

July 2024

Join me for a weekend of feasting and fun on my

Eat Like Your on Retreat Cookbook launch

Keep an eye out on socials for details

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