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Retreat Catering

Wild Earth Kitchen is experienced in catering and holding space for a wide variety of retreats including:

Breathwork, Yoga,

Transcendental Meditation,

Dance,  Music & Art, Creative writing

Lomi Lomi Massage,

Wellness Life Coaches

Sexuality/Tantric Retreats.

And many more xxx

We can create the menu together

or I will design your personalised menu

to embody the soul of your retreat

your participants, facilitators & philosophies.

Creating a unique culinary element inspired to enhance your Retreat experience.

Bringing Soul & Delicious Intention to your


cooking 3.JPG

Cooking Retreats

Explore varied ways of creating easy, delicious meals that nourish and nurture.

Be inspired by delicious healthy, fresh & fun ideas to feed yourself and your family !

Learn the Alchemy of mindful food preparation, create simple high vibration meals.

The intention of our retreats are for you to explore Vegetarian, Vegan & Raw cuisines. 

  Giving back to yourself in a relaxing and nurturing  retreat environment.

While having FUN in the Kitchen

and Cooking from the Heart bringing the LoVe into your food 


Cooking Retreats

Retreat Catering with Customised Menus focused on your individual retreat

Cooking classes at your Home or via Zoom

Show me what's in your pantry and fridge and we can cook a delicious meal together via Zoom

Vegan - Raw - Vegetarian meals - Ayurvedic specific -  Plant based Paleo


 Organic Ethical & Sustainable Free Range Meat / Fish / Chicken

Gluten Free - Refined Sugar free - Dairy free

Dietary sensitive & food allergies 

Fresh - Seasonal - Locally Sourced - Sustainable - Free Range - Organic 

Wild Earth Kitchen is proud to support locally grown, organic farmers 

Eating organic, seasonal, locally grown foods is good for our bodies and for the environment. And it tastes better!

I believe that conservation is not only important for the earth and our community, but can lead to some amazing eating experiences!

All food is made with Love ( I have been known to sing to your food xxx oh and bust out a dance move or two )

We host 4 Seasonal cooking retreats each year

- head to our Wild Dates page for more info -






















To bring your vision to the Table connect with me HERE ......

Farm to Table

A Sneak Peak 

Warm Broccolini Salad 

Roasted Dutch Carrots with Fennel & Goats Cheese

Falafel-Spiced Tomatoes on Baba Ghanoush

Spring Vegetable Primavera Risotto

Italian Almond Lemon & Ricotta Cake

Lychee Watermelon & Mint Frappe


Thank you for Connecting !

Food is Definitely my Love Language

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